Covering up an ugly necessity

Tissue boxes are ugly. That’s just a fact. I’ve seen some that are clearly trying to be more creative, but usually their bright crazy colors just don’t fit into any room. Unfortunately, I can’t just toss the box of tissues in a drawer and pretend they don’t exist because I am a sufferer of constant allergies. Therefore, the tissues must remain within an arms length from my main “spot” in the apartment: my bed. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this cute little cover on CB2.


How adorable?!


It even comes in black!


I couldn’t stop myself from ordering one! So today the mailman dropped off the box and I excitedly ripped it open. I felt a bit like a loser for getting so excited about a tissue box… But now the cover is on and my tissues went from this:


To this!


Now I have a cute little tissue house sitting by my bed.


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